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Coach Courtney’s programs are progressive and build each week upon themselves to ensure continued linear progression to help prevent any weeks of stagnation. There are absolutely NO cookie cutter plans. Everyone is treated as an individual and all clients get a completely custom program built around their exact goals.

meet the team.

Mike Courtney

founder & head coach

Coach Courtney is an expert in helping clients reach their best physiques ever! Whether a client wants to compete in an NPC/IFBB competition, or just wants to make the ultimate transformation, Coach Courtney uses the latest science and his years of experience to help his clients look and perform their best.

With over 16 years in the fitness industry as a bodybuilding and powerlifting competitor, and 12 years as a CPT and bodybuilding/fitness coach, his entire adult life has been living and breathing the fitness world and bringing the best results possible to his clients.

While attending college, taking various classes in nutrition, and achieving various personal training licenses (including ISSA, ASFA and NASM), Coach Courtney began training clients at a local Golds Gym in 2008. Quickly he gained notoriety and his business grew.

Coach Courtney eventually had clients all over the nation and world! At this point, his business grew beyond doing one-on-one personal training, and in 2015 he completely moved his business online. This allowed him to have more control in client objectives, which led to more success in client transformations.

Zsa Zsa Courtney

Client Support & coach

Zsa Zsa Courtney for many clients has gained the name “MAMA BEAR” and has been, for many clients, a shoulder to cry on during competitions, as stress and life can become a lot to deal with. She has now become the Team Courtney Client Support Specialist, lending client’s advice, empathy and understating to the hardships people go through during difficult transformation diets and competition preps.

Zsa’s understanding of the fitness world and having been through many preps with Coach Courtney and his clients, lends her as a huge asset to clients. Her support and expertise are accessible to all Team Courtney Clients at no additional cost!

Kevin Mahaney

assistant coach

I started working as a client with Mike in 2019 and since then have found so much passion for bodybuilding. We share the same ideology’s in how to diet and am excited to be joining the team as an assistant coach.

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